Does It Matter if a Cat Drinks Too Much

All cats need water, but do you know the amount? You probably have all the water bottles for cats filled to the rim. Thinking that is the right course of action. It looks and feels to be right, but that doesn’t mean its really right. Experts say the right amount is 4-8 ounces a day. You got to get out that measuring cup and make sure the water amount is just right. Otherwise, your cat will be making your house smell funnier then usual if you know what I mean.

Factor 1: Determine if Cat is Getting Enough Water

Earlier, we said cats need about 4-8 ounces of water, but it really depends on the type of cat you got. All cats come in different sizes and shapes. Some cats might need little water, while others need a giant cup. Take a look at your pet. More so, to the fur on the cat’s body. You can pull the fur back a few inches and release to test the cat’s dehydration. If the fur pulls back into place as soon as you release it, then the cat is receiving a normal amount of water. If the fur moves really slow, then there is a high chance that your cat is dehydrated. Give it more water then you are already giving it if that is the case. In time, you know more about your cat’s water consumption by using this tip.

Another method for determining a cat’s normal water consumption state, is to pay attention to how many times it goes to pee. Most cats pee in the litter box. So, all you really need to do is wait for the end of the day. Next, look at the cat’s litter box for 3 spots of pee. If the cat pee was 3x for the day, then the cat is having a good level of water. The cat will not be hydrated and you are doing a good job of feeding your cat water.

If you are still not clear on the amount a cat should drink, you should take a closer look at the factors we have listed. Each one helps you get your cat to the right amount. Make no mistake, all water bottles for cats bought for cats must be measured closely. You have no idea.

Factor 2: What if My Cat Does Not Want to More Drink Water?

A cat that does not want to drink more water, needs to drink more water anyway and you must encourage it. Cats think they are highly intelligent creatures. They think drinking little amount of water is going to help them. They are not right in this low level thinking and it is up to you to set them right. Force them to drink more water to prevent them from having to go to the hospital.

You need to do things to trick your cat into drinking water. Its not as hard as you think. There is no need to get violent or really aggressive. You can do this with a gentle approach. One way, pour a little water on the cat food. Your cat will be encourage to drink it. Might even drink it without thinking about it. You could also change the type of water you feed the cat. You might like being cheap and feeding your cat that kind of dirty tap water. However, your cat probably doesn’t like it if they refuse to drink a loot of it. Change up the water you give them. Give some of that bottle water of Fuji water and see if the cat drinks more water. If ti works, then its safe to assume that you have a picky cat when it comes to water. Your cat will be good as new if you follow these two methods.

About spaying & neutering your pet

Every year, tens of thousands of dogs, and particularly cats, are euthanized (put
down) because there are not enough homes for them. It all starts with one female
cat, followed by her offspring, breeding for only seven years, and you have
420,000 cats. It takes slightly less time for one female dog and her offspring to
produce 67,000 dogs. Many companion animals will never find loving homes, even
though most are young, healthy and friendly.

Pet overpopulation is at crisis levels, and if we are to overcome this crisis, pet
owners must take responsibility for their companion animals by having them
spayed or neutered.

If people had their pets spayed or neutered, many thousands of animals could be
saved. Spaying and neutering are safe surgical operations that prevent animals
from reproducing. Spaying is the removal of a female animal’s ovaries and uterus;
neutering is the removal of a male’s testicles. These procedures generally do not
even require an overnight stay in a veterinary clinic, and can eliminate or
significantly reduce the risk of an animal developing numerous health problems,
some of which may shorten their lives. These include reproductive cancers and
infections, as well as behaviour problems such as territorial marking,
destructiveness and aggression. Animals who have been spayed or neutered are
much less likely to roam in search of mates. When female dogs and cats are not
spayed, they go into heat and this can attract males. While searching for mates,
animals can get hit by cars, injured in fights, or lost and even stolen. Others end
up in animal pounds. Keeping animals inside doesn’t guarantee safety, as they may
escape by accident.

The safety of both male and female animals is dramatically increased if they are
spayed or neutered.

Common Questions

Will neutering my dog/cat make him fat and lazy?
Neutering might reduce an animal’s activity level, but this need not result in
weight gain. A healthy diet and sufficient exercise can help your pet maintain a
healthy weight.

Don’t spaying and neutering interfere with nature?
Domesticated dogs and cats are completely dependent on humans. It’s our
responsibility as their guardians to make sure the number of companion animals
born doesn’t exceed the number of available homes.

What about other animals?
For health and behavioural reasons, spaying and neutering are also recommended
for rabbits. Female ferrets should also be spayed. If they go into heat and don’t
mate, they can become anemic and die. Veterinarians recommend spaying and
neutering guinea pigs but consider surgery unsafe for small rodents such as
hamsters because of their size. Separating males from females is the best way to
prevent small rodents from reproducing.

Should my female dog be allowed to have one litter?
There’s no reason for a female dog to have even one litter. It won’t make her a
better companion, and it will increase the likelihood that she will develop
mammary cancer. Spaying a dog before she goes into heat even once greatly
reduces the risk of her developing mammary cancer.

If I adopt from my local humane society, will my pet be sterilized?
The Ontario SPCA spays or neuters every healthy, adult animal before adoption
from our shelters. When adopted animals are too young to be spayed or neutered,
the Society offers rebate incentives to encourage owners to take their new
companions to their veterinarians for the procedure. These steps are expected to
improve sterilization rates and make a big difference towards reducing pet
overpopulation crisis.

For more information, please contact your veterinarian

Online article, Author Unknown


I found this on Petfinder.  I think it is important for people to know what
happens when you support breeders.  Read this story and know that it is a true
life story of one helpless, but still loving little guy.

STORY. I hope many of you will read this story who are considering buying from a breeder or pet store. 01-27-07:
This beautiful boy is Gizmo. Gizmo is completely disabled. 2 vets have recommended euthanizing him, but he has
such a will to live, we are hoping his new rescuer will be able to provide him with some type of advanced vet care
and give him hope for the future. Gizmo’s legs are severely deformed and he has no use of them at all. He cannot
run, play, walk or even stand. This precious boy has to be hand fed and hand watered. He has to wear a diaper
and be bathed everyday due to the fact he urinates on himself and has no control of his bladder. He weighs less
than 2 lbs and is very underweight. He has no muscle tone in his body due to the fact he cannot move. Dispite his
deformity, he has a strong will to live and love. He loves being craddled and will cry when he wants attention or is
hungry or thirsty. All he wanted was to be loved…..but instead, he was discarded. This boy is the result of an
unresponsible back-yard breeder. Someone trying to profit at the expense of these poor animals. These
back-yard breeders sell these babies to pet stores where the consumers purchase them thinking they are getting
a healthy family pet. Many of these dogs are in-bred, and have health issues or deformities that show up later in
life. Back-yard breeders are living well at the expense of these animals who are discarded after they can no
longer produce any puppies. This is TAX-FREE money to the breeders, so if you are considering purchasing from
a breeder or pet store, please remember little Gizmo, and his story. UPDATE 2-10-07: Gizmo went to PA today!
He had a wonderful offer from a veteranarian there who is willing to work with this boy. She is going to try some
pyhsical therapy, and possibly a splint on his front leg in hopes of straightening it up so he can possibly get a
wheelchair. It seems this boy has won a lot of hearts without ever meeting anyone. Despite this baby’s condition,
he continues to fight for his life and winning over each and every heart he touches. Gizmo’s will seems to grow
stronger with each passing day. We have had a lot of inquires on this special boy……so we will continue to keep
everyone updated on his condition. UPDATE: 2-24-07: tragically, we learned our little Gizmo lost his battle to live.
For those of you who were lucky enough to meet this boy, I know you have tears in your eyes as I do. We have
cried for days over his loss. This boy was our ‘child’ for 2 weeks, and we completely devoted our lives to him. It is
amazing what an impact he had on us in such a short time. He was very special and won over the hearts of
everyone he met! He had done well when he first arrived in pa, but soon thereafter, he started deteriorating, and
past away a few days ago. The vet determined that poor gizmo had a lung disease which was likely a birth defect
that claimed his precious life. The wonderful vet who tried to save gizmo buried him on her farm, so he is now in
doggie heaven and I am sure he is running and playing (as he always wanted to do) with the other puppies at the
rainbow bridge…and is free of his crippling little body….so please say a prayer tonight for Gizmo, and all the other
souls who do not survive to ever know love or human kindness. This poor boy was a ‘throw away’ by his breeder
because no money could be made on him due to his deformity. They had no reguard for his precious life….but for
us, the tragedy of loosing Gizmo has changed our lives….and this boy will NEVER be forgotten. We hope the
death of Gizmo will make people reconsider when purchasing from a breeder or pet store…PLEASE RESCUE OR
ADOPT!! Thanks to those speical people for your devotion to animals like our precious Gizmo.

This is dedicated to the many Gizmos
out there.  May we come together for
the benefit of our helpless pets in the
world that they may one day be treated
only with the love they deserve.